Vanessa vee knights

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i've been where you're at.

let me help you clear the noise.

i've been where you're at.

let me help you
clear the noise.


Hi! I’m Vanessa – but you can call me Vee! I’m the founder and head coach here at “She Lifts That”.

I’ve been actively training for the past 11+ years and have been helping transforming hundreds of lives in my 8 years of career.

..Yet I can never forget how difficult it was to start my fitness journey and make sense out of all the noise. 

Fitness coaching for women and femmes is often standardized and doesn’t consider your needs and preferences. Programs are riddled with myths, rarely based on scientific evidence, leading to poor long term results. 

Training is often seen as a “chore or worse a “punishment” for our past behaviour, rather than something we enjoy doing. Nutrition is wrongly divided into “healthy” and “naughty” food, which naturally creates cycles of sacrifices and guilt.


  • What if I told you science based training and nutrition was simple and much more effective?
  • What if I told you it can be learned and applied by anyone?
  • What if I told you it could be used to meet your goals without sacrificing the food you enjoy?

I have experienced your struggles and suffered your uncertainties. I just can’t wait to show you a better way.

Vanessa Vee Knights

About me...

Let's get personal!

I’ve just recently moved to Australia and fulfilled a long time dream of mine. My goals for the future include Making an impact in my niche; Learning to surf and adopt a dog in need!  

I love Heavy Metal; Inline skating; Training for strength; Dressing up and Making clothes. I’m always on the lookout to try new things so I would love to hear yours too!

  • Feminine body transformation expert: Toning Up. Fat Loss. Strength. Selective Muscle Building whilst sculpting an hourglass shape.
  • Sustainable Body Recomposition – Setting up habits for long term success.
  • Making first time gym goers confident and knowledgeable to keep on going on their own.
  • Strength and Hypertrophy training utilising free weights and machines.
  • Highest level of technical coaching for greater safety and faster results.
  • Say goodbye to gym floor anxiety: learn how to safely perform the exercises and do all the fun stuff!
  • No more yo-yo dieting: you’ll reach and keep your results because they’re built on enjoyable habits.
  • Tailored Nutrition and Training programs that suit your lifestyle and guarantee you achieve your personal goals.
  • The most welcoming smile that you’ll love and fear at once, and will always be there for you!

my fitness journey


eating disorder

It started with a simple restriction on the amount of ''junk food'' I was consuming.
It fed heavily on the praises I received for my weight loss and the - almost - culturally accepted body dysmorphia.
A temporary diet quickly became my new norm of eating.
Whenever I ate the food that I liked and craved I couldn’t help but feel guilty, believing that eating like that would bind me to gain weight.
This inevitably leads to cycles of strict restriction and binge eating.
Only wanting to see my weight go down every day caused me to lose a lot of muscle. I also felt incredibly weak, both mentally and physically.


training to exhaustion

So I decided to go to the gym for the first time.
My personal trainer gave me the classic ''girl's plan'' filled with cardio and group classes. I found it fun at first, but I never knew how much working out was ‘’enough’’, I ended up training for crazy lengths, up to 5h per time.
A fun, new experience quickly transformed into an exhausting job I had to do, trading most of my free time for it.


not seeing results

Even so I stopped seeing any more weight loss after the first few months.
I felt at a loss. I was already eating as little as I could, training as much as my body could bear.
I tried anything from Stairmasters to Pump classes, from Boxing to HIIT circuits and more..


does lifting weights make you "bulky"?

That’s when a friend of mine asked me to come lift weights with him.
I believed weightlifting would make a woman ‘bulky’ and shield away from doing it regularly.
But oh man wasn’t it fun? Conquering exercises you never knew you could perform, grabbing that heavier dumbbell one by one was incredibly exciting and provided a good distraction from my lack of further weight loss.
To my utmost disbelief, by stopping dieting so hard and enjoying training for strength, I started seeing progress again !


the problem with '' weight loss''

Fueling by body and training with progressive overload resulted in what we call ‘’body recomposition’’.
Which is losing fat and building muscle at the same time without actually losing weight on the scale.
For all this time I was acting in accordance with what the weight on the scale was telling me : if it was higher it meant I needed to train harder and eat less; if it was lower it meant I was doing enough, but I knew I couldn’t sustain that.
Training with weights whilst eating the food I liked on the other side was truly enjoyable, empowering and was giving me results that I could see in the mirror month after month.
It was clear that the number on the scale wasn’t the best way to measure progress at all.


letting go of false beliefs

That’s it. I stopped training ‘’more’’ and I started training ‘’smarter’’.
I stopped training only “to look good” and started training because “it felt good”.
I stopped listening to the “secret tip that will make you lose 5 kg in a week” and exclusively based my routine on what’s “backed up by scientific evidence”.
All of a sudden I could see just how many women were struggling with their body image and didn’t know what to do anymore. I could see how many tried extreme diets and training regimes before even giving eating more and training a thought. Then I knew I wanted to help them. I wanted them to feel just as free and empowered as I did.


the winning approach

After 11+ years of experience and study I’ve refined my methods and built a program designed exactly for people who are going through the same struggles I faced.
I’m proud I can say I’m an expert in my sector and I’ve helped hundreds of people free themselves from yo-yo cycles and disappointment.
I want correct information to be readily available for those who want to change their body in whatever way they see fit. Without sacrificing their health or life for it.
Teaching women and femmes not only how to effectively achieving their goals but how can they effortlessly maintain them for life AND truly enjoy the process.

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