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the values we live by

  • Good personal training should be a temporary investment, our goal is to help you reach fitness independence.

  • We will help build your confidence on the gym floor, teach you exactly what works and help set sustainable habits tailored to you.

  • When we achieve your goals, you’ll have the ability and knowledge to continue your progress independently.
  • Say goodbye to lack of results, Yo-Yo dieting and joint pain.

  • We will ensure you are safe as we work with you to find the best means of reaching your goals.

  • We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards in technique coaching and using training methods based on the latest scientific evidence.
  • We are a queer, neurodivergent ran business and provide a safe, non-judgmental space for all backgrounds.

  • We will never push you to reach a standardized body type or goal. We want to know your goals and work towards them.

  • So come build a physique YOU love, get strong or simply train to feel great. The choice is entirely yours!
  • We are passionate about our niche and experts in tackling your specific needs.

  • Our clients are successful because we have experienced your struggles.

  • We will provide everything to succeed; from training and nutrition plans to regular catchups and assessments.
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SLT METHODS WERE BUILT FOR women's and femmes' EXPERIENCE and perfected WITH their use

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"ready to put an end to the guesswork?"

Hi friend! I’m Vee.
I’m the founder and head coach here at “She Lifts That”.

I’ve been actively training for the past 11 years and have been helping transforming hundreds of lives in my 8 years of career.

..Yet I can never forget how difficult it was to start and make sense out of all the noise. 

Fitness coaching for women and femmes is often standardized and doesn’t consider your needs and preferences. Programs are riddled with myths and rarely based on scientific evidence leading to poor long term results. 

Training is often seen as a “chore” or worse a “punishment” for our past behavior rather than something we enjoy doing. Nutrition is wrongly divided into “healthy” and “naughty” food, which naturally creates cycles of sacrifices and guilt.


  • What if I told you science based training and nutrition was simple and much more effective?
  • What if I told you it can be learned and applied by anyone?
  • What if I told you it could be used to meet your goals without sacrificing the food you enjoy?

I have experienced your struggles and suffered your uncertainties. I just can’t wait to show you a better way.

..Want to learn more?

"let me help you clear the noise."

Train with an expert

Our Programs

for Strength  "Toning up"  Fat loss  Muscle hypertrophy  Rehab  Performance  Health 


Online coaching delivered 1-1.

Best for

➢ Training flexibility & customization
➢ Long term planning
➢ Intermediates to Advanced

semi private training

Personal training in groups up to 3.

Best for

➢ Setting up proper lifting technique
➢ Community and accountability
➢ Intermediates to Advanced


Personal training delivered 1-1.

Best for

➢ Building confidence at the gym
➢ Rehab and injury prevention
➢ Beginners to Advanced

Our Stellar Clients

Don’t just take our word for it

#LIFTED 1.0 Coaching Client Review
Training with Vee has been a breath of fresh air. She’s really helped me understand how to perform exercises properly.
I’ve felt and seen real progress with every session and have discovered new ways of working out, I’d never considered before.
She’s patient but knows how to push just the right amount. My confidence in the gym has grown with my strength and I’d thoroughly recommend.
Bethan davies
#LIFTED 1.0 Client
#LIFTED 3.0 Coaching Client Review
Straight away Vee made me feel really comfortable and has been really supportive and encouraging with whatever strength and fitness goals I come to her with.
It is so nice to work with her because of how well she deals with the relationship between food, the gym and body positivity.
It’s rare to find a trainer that doesn’t just want to use you to get good results, Vee actually cares about her clients and it’s wonderful to see.
maisy hailey
#LIFTED 3.0 Client
#LIFTED 1.0 Coaching Client Review
Vee truly helped me changed my life for the better. Vee explained the science behind weight lifting and hypertrophy, pushing me past my limits during the workouts and helping me build crazy amounts of muscle in a short time.
I chose to do a 6 month 1:1 program and have achieved results I never thought were possible.
As cliché as it sounds but my life has truly changed as I don’t have a eating disorder anymore. I eat to fuel my body and enjoy and embrace every single meal. I had an eating disorder for over 10 years and only after turning to Vee has my life changed for the better.
I’d still be living a life of misery around food and my weight if I didn’t. I cannot thank Vee enough for all she has done to support me, absolutely worth every penny and more.
tia jones
#LIFTED 3.0 Client
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